A comprehensive ecosystem fighting the global impacts of climate change

Designed to alleviate major climate impact by supporting the growth and liquidity of sustainability initiatives

We are pioneers in the Sustainability & Carbon Marketplace Industries

Kyoto Network is a Global Leader in the ESG arena, bringing together expertise in Environmental Management Systems (EMS), sustainability reporting, and market advisory services. We focus on delivering customized solutions that help organisations in meeting regulatory requirements, achieving sustainability goals and creating long-term value.

At Kyoto Network, we're committed to helping organization navigate the complexities of sustainability, carbon offsetting and environmental management.

From research to reporting, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to align your business with global best practices.

We also offer tools to conscientious individuals who want to help in the fight to protect our planet through KyoGreen, our carbon calculator that allows users to quickly calculate their carbon footprint as well as the ability to offset this in the click of a button.

We are not restricted by geography and work with organisations & users globally.

We were recently recognised for our work at the Qatar Financial Expo and picked up the award for Global Excellence & Innovation in February-2024.

Our mission is to drive serious impact towards climate change and accelerate the movement towards a completely sustainable planet.

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Carbon Calculator

GHG Quantification, offsetting and reporting

Accurate and transparent reporting is crucial for any sustainability initiative. Our calculator powered by KyoGreen provides greenhouse gas quantification and the preparation of comprehensive sustainability reports as well as offsetting and other features.

Carbon Calculator


Kyoto Network's Services

Kyoto Network is dedicated to driving impactful change through a range of visionary projects. Our initiatives are meticulously designed to make a tangible difference. Each project embodies our commitment to a sustainable future, leveraging cutting-edge strategies and expert insights to create lasting positive effects. Explore our diverse portfolio of projects below and join us in the journey towards a greener, more sustainable world.


Environmental Management Services

Welcome to Kyoto Network's Environmental Management Services, where sustainability meets strategic business innovation. Our services offer a sophisticated approach to environmental management, tailored to the corporate landscape. We specialize in comprehensive carbon footprint assessments and the implementation of robust Environmental Management Systems (EMS), ensuring your organization not only complies with but leads in environmental standards. Our expertise extends to integrating sustainability into your core business strategy, enhancing both environmental and economic performance. Partner with Kyoto Network for a future where business excellence and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.

Insights & Data

Market Insights and Data Services

Kyoto Network's Market Insights and Data Services provide a critical edge in the evolving landscape of corporate sustainability. Our services are at the cutting edge of market intelligence, offering detailed analyses and reports on the latest trends, regulations, and technologies in sustainability. Tailored to the needs of discerning businesses, our insights enable strategic decision-making and offer a comprehensive view of the global sustainability landscape. From carbon market dynamics to renewable energy trends, our data-driven approach empowers your business to navigate the complexities of sustainability with confidence and foresight.

Offsets & Trading

Carbon Offsetting and Trading Services

Introducing Kyoto Network's Carbon Offsetting and Trading Services, a sophisticated solution for contemporary carbon management challenges. We provide an extensive suite of services that cater to the nuanced needs of modern businesses in carbon offsetting and trading. From customized carbon offset strategies to advanced trading solutions in OTC markets and regulated products, our offerings are designed to navigate the intricacies of the carbon market efficiently. Leverage our deep industry expertise and strategic insights to effectively manage your carbon liabilities, align with global sustainability commitments, and enhance your corporate environmental reputation.

Supported Projects

Carbon Capture Initiatives

The Kyoto Network has partnered with a pioneering company, CCO2, whose prime directive is to provide carbon capture solutions to the rapidly developing bioenergy sector. Their solution surrounds Anaerobic Digestion technology, which creates renewable energy from methane that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. As a by-product of this process CO2 is produced and CCO2 are working to capture this resource and recycle it for use with large industrial consumers to provide a real impact on the environment.

Agricultural Initiatives

Currently working with our team based in Canada; we are assisting a number of farms and a large Canadian farming network to help them realise and yield benefit from the carbon offset potential of their own farmland. We are achieving this through the assessment of various data sets, optimising land utilisation and employing innovative working practices. Ultimately, the goal of the project is to enable them to achieve significant carbon credit certifications from their agricultural land management.


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